The Superintendent monitors weather reports the evening prior to and early morning on the day of predicted inclement weather.  The concern for student and staff safety is paramount.

    1. Our maintenance department and the AKS Bus Company supervisor contact the North Versailles and East McKeesport Police Department for an assessment of road conditions prior to 4:30 a.m. and reports to the Superintendent.
    2. The maintenance department then conducts and on-site assessment of weather conditions and reports any available information to the Superintendent/Assistant to the Superintendent.
    3. The Superintendentis in contact with a network of approximately 15 other superintendents in the area in order to collaborate on the conditions and the necessary procedure.
    4. Based on the information received, the Superintendent decides if a school delay or closing is deemed necessary and then activates the communication system.
    5. The maintenance department proceeds to prepare building roadways, walkways, parking areas, etc. for staff/student entry. 

     The District now has permission to utilize Flexible Instruction Days, as opposed to closing school completely.   Information on Flexible Instruction Days (FID) can be reviewed here: Flexible Instruction Days

    Delay and Closing Guidelines

    NOTE:  Delaying school is always preferable to closing, but the safety of students and staff is always the determining factor.  While the decision to delay or cancel will not always be satisfactory to everyone, it is based on current weather conditions and immediately available information.  Please be aware that sometimes weather conditions may deteriorate hours after the decision to delay has been made at 5:00 a.m.  Once students have left their homes for their bus stops and staff has left their homes to arrive at school, it is extremely difficult to change a decision from a delay to a cancellation of school.  The East Allegheny School District will do everything possible to ensure that students arrive safely at school and are returned safely to their homes at the conclusion of the school day.


    Delay/Cancellation information is obtainable on the following:

    • KDKA-TV
    • WTAE-TV
    • WPXI-TV

     Also on the EA website – www.eawildcats.net