School Board group
  • The East Allegheny School District is proud to announce our School Board of Directors, in order by region. 
    Ms. Tisha Thomas, Vice President
    Region 1
    Ms. Cortney Verner, Treasurer
    Region 2
    Mr. Robert Trout
    Region 3
    Mr. Erik Meredith 
    Region 4
    Mr. George S. Yusko, Jr. (Appointed 2/7/2022)
    Region 5
    Mr. Dan Ziober (Appointed 12/2/2021)
    Region 6
    Mr. Geremy Goldstein
    Region 7
    Mr. John Savinda, President
    Region 8
    Mr. Merle Pusey 
    Region 9
    Ms. Toni Valicenti, Board Secretary
    Mr. Dan Beisler, Solicitor
    All School Board members can be reached by email following this format:  First initial last    (