Welcome Message from Joe DiLucente, Acting Superintendent


    July 17, 2023



    Dear East Allegheny School District Community:


    I want to thank the East Allegheny School Board for the tremendous opportunity to serve as your Acting Superintendent. I look forward to supporting everyone in acquiring what they need to succeed academically, socially, and professionally while keeping an important sense of connection and familiarity. 10-15 years ago, I taught here as an elementary teacher and was enthused to receive the opportunity to return to Logan last year as Building Principal. In this role, I became aware of the strengths and current challenges within the elementary building and the entire District. I worked hard to demonstrate to teachers, students, staff, and the community that I value them. I intend to continue to build a positive culture for all stakeholders by encouraging and influencing positive teacher and staff morale, student behavior, and academic success.

    I look forward to directly supporting and connecting with the EA community. We established an energy at Logan that I will share throughout the District and communit. Positive vibes start with building trust, a key element to the ultimate success of any system and relationship. I intend to promote a trusting environment that connects us as a community. I look forward to discussing this with many of you as this school year begins. Please be on the lookout for further opportunities to connect over the next few months. Enjoy the remaining days of summer!





    Joseph DiLucente


    Acting Superintendent,

    East Allegheny School District