• Mission

    The mission of the East Allegheny School District is to recognize
    that each student is unique and that through cooperation with parents,
    community and schools, each student will have educational
    opportunities to achieve individual success within district fiscal constraints.


    EASD - A Great and Safe Place for Students
    EASD - Academic Excellence is the Major Focus
    EASD - Staff Goes the Extra Mile
    PSSA and Achievement Test Scores Will Steadily Improve
    Reduce Number of Disciplinary Actions
    EASD - Respected by the Academic Community

    EASD Teachers will Improve their Instructional Skills


    Scholarship is a part of learning. Honorable scholarship is not just the desire to achieve recognition or complete an assignment, but the effort to explore knowledge in formal classes and everyday experiences.

    Leadership in academics, sports, activities, and good student citizenship should be the ideal of every student. A goal to contribute to the betterment of society, as a youth or as an adult, demands intelligent and rational leadership.

    Sportsmanship on and off the field of contest is our own aim and, hopefully, our accomplishment. Sportsmanship is trying to win, but not at the sacrifice of honor or pride. It is the position of losing, but cheering the victors and the position of winning gracefully.