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    The Nutrition Group is proud to announce the introduction of our Lunch for Life, a new promotion designed to introduce kindergarten and first grade students to the school lunch program. The objective of this program is to create a comfort level for students early in their school years so they can participate in the school lunch program from the beginning.  We will also focus on the parents, providing information about nutritional benefits and the convenience of purchasing school lunch.

    On October 11, 12, 13 we will offer complimentary lunches to all-day kindergarten or first grade students at no cost to the parents or district. Thank You to our vendors for partnering with us to provide this program to our districts.

    Together with the cafeteria staff we will assist students through all of the steps of participating in school meals.  This promotion promises to be exciting and fun with components designed to ensure students are eager to participate and then continue to enjoy school lunch for years to come.

    The Nutrition Group believes that a positive lunch experience provides students an opportunity to enjoy a healthy and balanced lunch.

     Thank you again to our vendors for their generous donations totaling 24,200.00 towards our Lunch for Life Program:

    Reinhart Food Service, Turners Dairy, Epic Harvest Healthy Muffins, Monteverde’s Produce, McCain Potatoes, Gallikers Dairy, KB Pizza, Old Neighborhood Quality Foods, Valley Farm Dairy, Peterson Farms, Kunzler & Company.

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