Federal Programs Coordinator
    Mr. Alan Johnson
    412-824-8012 x1855
    Mrs. Lisa Piccini, Secretary
    Ext. 1000

    East Allegheny School District follows a “Targeted Assisted” model under Title I Part A: Improving the academic achievement of the disadvantaged and providing aid for pupils in high poverty schools. Individual buildings are reviewed for eligibility annually based on the level of financial need which is determined, in part, by the number of students who have been approved for Free/Reduced Lunch at the building level. 

    Title I is a federally funded supplemental reading and math program. Supplemental reading and math instruction is available to all students in grades K through 6 who demonstrate a need for this instruction. Candidates for the program are identified through assessments and teacher observations.

    The purpose of the program is to provide additional instruction and practice in all facets of the reading and math process. Supplementary instruction may occur in small flexible groups that meet two times per week, one-on- one sessions, or in the whole class setting. Parents are kept informed of their children’s progress through progress reports, assessment reports, and parent conferences. Parents are also informed about the Title I Program through parent workshops, take-home information, the district website, and planning meetings.

    All parents of Title I students have the opportunity to be involved in federal programs planning. At the spring/fall meeting, plans for the upcoming school year are discussed and parents can provide input into how federal funds will/might be used in the district’s Title I and Title II projects. Parents are asked to review and assist in designing strategies for increasing parental involvement. Parents are also invited to attend workshops with their children to learn techniques to support their children in reading and math at home.

    Title I buildings are required to partner annually with parents/guardians via a Home-School Compact that requires all partners, students, and teachers to express their commitment to education in writing.